How to set up Google Sign in

I’ve selected Google API within the Plugins tab in Bubble.

Then I watched a YouTube video to help me find the API keys, but the Google page now looks different than it was at the time the video was produced.

When I log in to my Google Cloud page, I’m lost. I’m not sure where to click. I’ve tried to search for Google ID or Google Sign in, but nothing comes up. I’ve created a project before for the Google Maps API, but when I look inside that project, there’s nothing to guide me to the ID API.

I would greatly appreciate it if a kind soul could instruct me as to where to go to generate the App Secret and the App ID Key, as well as where to insert the generic redirect URL.

Thank you in advance.

Check out this video…it may help


Thank you!!!

This video has 100% worked. Furthermore, it has helped me better understand Bubble’s logic. I was poking around the right pages on Google Cloud yesterday, but I was in way deeper than my pay grade! I wouldn’t have made it without this guidance, so you have my gratitude.

(PS: I was trying to find the course on Udemy. If you know the title, please post it.)

Glad it helped you. Please mark the post as solution so that future Bubble users know this thread has a solution on it. There will be a check mark next to it in search results, so as to save on time when scouring the forum for answers.

I actually have not finished (kind of abandoned, but I’ll turn back around to pick it up again) the Udemy course. I’ve been teaching Bubble Bootcamps and doing 1:1 coaching/mentoring; also in the process of brainstorming a learning portal.

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