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Help with groups and scroll

Hi guys, I don’t know how to do it and I wanted your help.
I need to create the same card in the image. I thought of a repeater group, but I don’t think it would work. I need this scroll and inside this element I will place groups with repeater groups.

Not as much info to go with here in terms of what you are looking for help with.

Are you asking how to design the scroll bar to look like the orange scrollbar in your screen shot?

sorry (google translator)

I’ll try to be more specific, I need to reproduce it as it is in the image, I thought about using repeater group but it didn’t work because it will repeat ( lmaoo ) . I need this scrollable group to insert a repeater group and underneath another repeater group and so on.

UP can anyone help?

I think you are over thinking this, you just need 1 repeating group that is as high as the window you want to be and set to show as many groups as you want to see at a time, which you can the n scroll through.

Have you tried viewing it in the preview?

sorry i’m still not that good. in my view, the repeater group will (repeat) what is inside it, right?
if so, it wouldn’t work because inside I have to put 2 new repeater groups and they can’t be replicated.

1st → “supposed group” inside → 2nd repeater group → content of repeater group 2nd

1st → “supposed group” inside → 3rd repeater group → 3rd repeater group content

in the 1st element I need the vertical scroll to scroll between the repeater groups

I’m still fairly certain from your description you only need 1 RG.

Make an RG the size that you need, and set it to the number of rows you want to show. Then in that RG you are going to put your graph and filter elements just once.

When you populate your RG with data, it will do the hard work for you and show you your graphs.

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