Help with groups moving

Hello guys.

I was wondering if any of yous know how to do this :
Where you can slide left and right?
Other than repeating group because I dont want that scroll thing to appear.

Hey @paulogustavopeixoto

I would recommend you to use a repeating group and hide the scrollbar.

Here is a great post on how to do that: Remove Scrollbar from Horizontal Repeating Group

Here is an example I’ve just created and it works well:

Hope this helps you out!


Ok got it. Do you know how to instead of adding data I want to add groups. How can I add those groups in that RG

Groups must contain data, you need to create those beforehand so that the RG can retrieve them. What are you trying to achieve?

I adjusted the example with groups:

I want groups to display data based on do search for. So they all show different things. These search for content is not saved anywhere in the data base since it is always changing.

Can you share a link to your app? I would be happy to look into it.

So here are the groups I want to display in RG.

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 14.05.20

I want to display those groups in a RG but none of that final content produced by each group is saved as data neither I want ot save it. The looks are different aswell and the computations aswell.

Got you, I would do that as follows:

  1. Create one custom state named Faturaçao (tick box “list”) and do that search for Bookings in the workflows on pageload (or on whatever event you prefer)
  2. Set your Repeating Group to have as data source your page custom states “Facturaçao”

If you do that, nothing is saved and all the right data is shown. Does that answer your question ?

I adjusted the example again to show you what I mean:


I will try that mate. I was playing with current cell index now but I will give it a try as you explained

the custom state I should create where?

Can you make the RG only show 3 cells? And still maintain the scrolling?

Can you make it caroussel? sorry for all these questions mate

For your future questions, please try to browse different forum posts first as there are already plenty of answers to your questions.

The carrousel I mean by once you scroll to the last item, the next item to show is the first. Like going in circles

This is currently not an option on Bubble.

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you can probably build whatever you want with css, but the ss looks like an ios app. in swift there is an option to hide ui scroll. I can hide scrollbars with css but they will always display on ios safari, it’s just a limitation.

Try use html element with dynamic values to style repeating group.
Here’s an example:

My repeating group of colors is above the text (button) 0 comments

use !important to force your css style

@Taiheta @daniel.abebe after one hour playing around I accomplished this. Only playing with index numberimage image

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Not sure what this is, can you would share a demo link? Maybe I misunderstood.

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I cant post a demo video. But essentially it is a RG showing that info that I wanted. What I did was the following:
1- RG do a search for thing items until 4.
2 - The repeating group has a slightly larger width than the page in order to show 1 and a half cells. So that the user understands that it is supposed to slide sideways.
3 - Inside the cell I inserted a group (the big one), a text box for title and another for content. And a group half the size of the big one (for the last cell to work as a button/path)
4 - Inside every element I have put conditions like: When current cell index is 1, then show this and so on.

Essentially the trick is to insert what you want inside the cell and only make it visible depending on the cells index.

At the end I get that result. Note that I also applied that css thing to remove scrollbar, even though it does not work in safari.