Help with Hot Spots on Image

Hey guys!

I’m new to bubble.

Trying to find a way to let a user put clickable hot spots on an image. Anyone have any tips/tricks/plugins that may help me out here?


Use a group element and set its background to be “image”. Upload your preferred image static or dynamic. The group will now be a “de facto” image. Since you can nest different types of clickable elements inside a group … take your pick of desired element or elements, add them inside the group and start workflows upon them being clicked.

Hope this helps :grinning:

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This is both tremendously helpful and way over my head. Thank you for the help! Now have to learn what most of that means :sweat_smile:

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@sam15 Do share more details please of how you are doing :+1:t2:

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Great tip @cmarchan!! Is it possible to use this trick for tagging? If yes, can you please elaborate the workflow.

Not sure what you mean

Like pic tagging on social media or adding a pin

On click of a hot spot create a tag, add it to the image object (sorry I cannot go into further details as I am immersed in a couple of builds)

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