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Help with images in repeating group

We’re using Google Material Design for our Bubble app. We’ve got a repeating group with images and text to create “cards”

However, there are landscape and portrait images, and so it’s not so tidy. I don’t really want to make things into squares, as it will cut off some of the image. Is there anything else I can do??

You can use the crop option from imgix (check processed with imgix) after the image in the expression builder, provided your image is dynamic and the field is of type image.

right… I don’t really want to crop the image. Artists can be touchy about their work. Is there any way to dynamically resize the card that the image sits in?

Yes, use resize at the image level, that will add some margins.

Do you mean rescale? That doesn’t seem to change the size of the card. Though I think I’ve realised I don’t want different sized cards either. hmmmm…

Yes, rescale. it will change the size of the image keeping the proportions, so that the card is the same.

Yeah… that’s what we’ve got at the moment, but then there’s some “dead” space above and below the landscape images. I think I’ve realised I want an algorithm to do what Google does with displaying an image search, only with text fields too. So slightly impossible.


How did you create your cards using a repeating group. This is the look/style I am trying to create but I don’t yet see how to create these separate cards within a repeating group?


In the first cell of the repeating group we created a white rectangle, then put on the image and text boxes that we needed. In each of these you have to put element that you want to see.

Ah! I see what you mean. Many thanks for your help!

So did you create a Group by grouping together the images and the text elements? What is the type of content and data source you used to create this Repeating Group?

Yes, we created a group of the elements. We then put an invisible element on top to make them “clickable” too. As for the data… you can use whatever you have in your database.

Thanks for these tips @lonetour.