🔔 Help with interesting use case: Being able to use printed out text in WFs that changes based on conditionals


I have an app with a notification center, not dissimilar to Facebooks. There are about 12 types of notifications. The text within each of these changes based on the “type.”

For example:
If the Notification type is “newlevel”, text reads: “Congratulations on reaching a new level!”
If the Notification type is “newFriend”, text reads: “You have a new friend request.”

And so on…

Now I’ve found myself wanting to use that printed out text and push it into an API WF. However, that text isn’t actually stored inside the DB, but generated on page load based on the 12 conditionals.

I don’t want to create a WF with a ton of conditionals, but rather, somehow take the value of the text and use it.

Haven’t found a way to do this. (Current Cell’s Notification has the DB type, but not the text).

Any ideas would be awesome! Thanks guys!

Hi @alejandrowunderlich,

Might an Option Set help here? If all the notifications are static text (like the two examples you provided), then perhaps that’s…well…an option. :wink:


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Hey Steve!
Good thinking, but unfortunately no. I need to get the text conditionally based on the “Type” of notification. Don’t have this ability as you can only set one option or another, not have options based on rules.

I could load up a new Data type with a list of notification messages and “types” then just search and match based on the type to add to my API… but I feel like there’s a simpler way.

Thanks for the input!

Edit: Just realized you can Filter option sets! I filter and match the option with the notification type:


Thanks for the hint Steve, this solves it for me. Even though I can’t get the dynamic data from the text, I think it’ll be enough for now… unless you have more tricks up your sleeve :smirk:

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Alternatively, since they’re UI strings, what about App Text? (I don’t do anything with multiple languages, so I haven’t used them much.)

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Groups are your friend :slight_smile: Put your conditionals on a group with a content type set to text. Use that group as the reference for your text elements and workflows.

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Oh mama! Had me excited there for a moment… the problem is the text references the Parent’s Notification. If I set the group as type=text, then the Data Source breaks. Perhaps there’s something I don’t know here… Could you show me an example if you have a minute?

Another constraint: this is inside a repeating group.

Hmmm, never used this. Played around with it for a few minutes but can’t pass dynamic data into it…

Add another group for this purpose alone. You can put the text inside the group or make a tiny group and shove it in the corner of the cell. Either way, you can then reference ‘That Group’s text’

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