Display a text from a result


I want to display a text from a condition:
I am explain my use, I want to display one of this text:

  • authorized
  • unauthorized
  • not recommended

I have an API call that return some categories, and I want to display the text “authorized” when the category is like “Chicken” for example, and display the text “unauthorized” when the category is like “Beef” do you have any clue for this use case?

Thanks a lot

Just use conditions on the text.

I have tried but I can’t find the good way and results

I have my category saved at the User level:

And I have some options set with some category:

Do you have any advice from the conditonal:

The condition just needs to be: when whatever it is that you’re looking at’s Category is whatever category you want to look at.

e.g. when API Call's Data is alcoholic

That assumes that you’ve saved that particular field from the API response as your option set type.

If not, then it will just be a text, so you’ll need to use a text value to compare it to (i.e. the Option’s Display).

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Ok thanks for your reply,

I am going to try something :slight_smile:

you can also have a group that is hidden on the page (group A) and make the data type of group A “text” and give it some initial data source. then make the text dynamic and make it group A’s text. Then when the workflow happens you can “display data” in Group A and give it the text that you want to show

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