Help with Movie Database API!

Hey all,

I’m not the most technical bubbler, but maybe one of you can help me. I am trying to do a simple search and return movie results for my users. I have The Movie DB API set up doing a call for the search movies. In the bubble API Connecter, can i set the query to be dynamic somehow to allow one of my search boxes to change the query? Thanks for your help in advance.


Uncheck “Private”, which will be right next to the parameters in the API connector. Then you can pass dynamic queries from Workflows

One of these? I did not see any check box in the bubble API connector

Ah thanks i found it. Do i have to put in anything for the “Key” and “Value”?

Hey Zachary,

Did you get this figured out?
I’m trying to get OMDB search working for my app, but can’t get it to work.