Huge bug IMO - modify an existing database entry

So luckily I caught this before launching and losing live data but when I go to the “app data” screen there are two issues. One is that even if a field has data, if I click on the pencil icon to go to the “modify an existing database entry” - some fields will be blank. See the example below:

Now the bigger problem - if I manually edit any field in the “modify an existing database entry” tab, those fields that look like they are blank are actually treated as blanks and my data is cleared! Really glad I found this in test mode because losing live data would have sucked

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Does the issue persist if you click the Refresh data link in the lower left and/or refresh the browser page?

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Yes, still have blank data tabs that I know should have data in them. When I make a change to any other data field bubble thinks those fields should be blank so they are cleared, which erases data

If it’s that reproducible, you should submit an official bug report.

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Hmm :thinking:

Just wondering if, since these might be Address fields, do you have your Google API Keys in the settings tab set up yet?

Yes, the API keys are set. It does seem to only affect geographic addresses though


Might need to check on Google to see if you have a payment source setup since I know that is an issue sometimes. Or something else on their end too. Just an idea to troubleshoot. :man_shrugging:t2:

I think everything is set up correctly, and I already had a valid payment method in there. I submitted a report to Bubble, hopefully they can figure it out, thanks

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I submitted a bug report and Bubble responded that it’s occurring with other users so hopefully they figure it out

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