How do I make my submitted data editable

I created a multi-part form. The person fills it out and saves it. That information then creates a new page.

Now I want to go from the new page to the form and edit the data. The previous data needs to show up in the form. I also don’t want to create a new entry either when I hit save.

How do I solve this?

Instead of using a text field, use an input field. Use the initial content to populate the input field with already saved data. Or allow auto-binding. In that case Bubble will automatically fill that input field with existing content and you won’t need to create a workflow to update the fields.

SO like this:

Name [ input name] Initial Content: “Input Name’s value”

When I save the data and the click “Back” or the “Edit” button, all of the data that was in the form is gone.

Edit = Go to Page create… Data to send… Current Page Profile

Got It!

What was the issue? Having same problem.