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I’m just getting started with bubble and have been following along the example tutorial to build a project management app..

I’m having trouble building the workflow to remove a user from the team. Logically, I believe it should be “delete a thing” (thing to delete)= parent group user’s team. However, using this workflow results in all users being removed from the team. I get that what I want to do is clear one particular field in a given db row, but I can’t seem to focus the workflow on just that one field and instead it clears the whole db column, removing all users. What am I doing wrong?

Hi there, @Silent_k… I browsed through the video a bit, but I’m not sure how a user is related to a team. That being said, I’m guessing you want to use the Make changes to a thing workflow event, and you are probably going to need to change the current user and remove the team from their Team field (I think I saw that field on the User data type) or change a team and remove the user from a list of users on the team (assuming such a field exists on the Team data type).

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Hey @mikeloc ,

Thank you so much for the quick response!!

The relationship between team and user is this:
Team has it’s own table and a user can be associated with one or more teams. Team is a field a in the user table.

Tangential question: How does “delete a thing work” does it delete a row or just a particular field w/in a row? (or can it do both?)

A thing is an entire record or row.

To delete a field’s value you would CHANGE the thing and set that field to null or clear list if the field type is list.

In your case you want to set the list of users on the teams thing to be current list of users minus the user you want removed from the team

Thanks so much for the quick and detailed reply @code-escapee !!

It turns out it really was the delete a thing workflow - my mistake was that I was deleting the user’s team, which I took to mean field=team in user table; in reality it was the entire team row associated with that user in the team table.

for posterity for any other wayward newbies looking at this post, the workflow is:

delete a thing → (thing to delete)= parent group’s user.

Thanks again @code-escapee and @mikeloc :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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