How to Delete a thing/Remove

Quick Breakdown.

I have a project data set and a product data set.

I add products to the project. Within the project data I have a product field the reference the product data set.

I want a user to be able to delete the product from the project, but I don’t want to delete the product all together.

How I’m currently showing products within a project is through a group that shows the pages current Page projects product.

As is when I use the the delete a thing the entire product gets delete instead of just removing it from the current project.

How do I just remove it from the project?

I hope this makes sense.

You may want to explore the add/remove things from a list functions in Bubble. Here’s a link to a tutorial video that explains it a bit further.

Ideally, you have some sort of list of all of the products within the project (ie. a repeating group that lists each of the given products associated with the project). Within that hypothetical repeating group, you can add a button or an icon on each cell that enables a user to “remove” that product from the project.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)


Hey Dan,

Thanks for the information.

I very new to Bubble so Im still learning and I could very easily be overlooking something. I had originally tried a repeating group and was able to set it up to display a list of product and remove them with a click of a button. However, I had to abandon that idea because I was wanting additional functionality. The additional functionality I was try to implement is that each product needs to have a quantity field as well as a tracking number field. The product along with the quantity data and tracking data need to be unique to the project (stored within the project data not the product data so that the products can be used on additional projects) .

So I setup a repeating group that had a button to change data to the current page project product to the current cells product. That changed a group that was within a parent group. So now the parent group contains the quantity , tracking, as well as the product data to be stored in the project data.

This all seems to work great, except for removing the data(product) from just the project.

I hope this makes sense.