Deleting a thing to remove it from a repeating list

Hi there, I’m trying to wrap my head around something that I’m sure is quite simple.

I’m building an app that lets someone create a team which they can then invite people to. When a user is invited they then get their email address added to that team database under ‘Employees’. I then use a repeater group to show all the users who are part of that team by using the “Employees” email address. Here is my DB structure below -



I’m now trying to add functionality so an “admin” can remove people users from that team only (but still leave them on the user table). At the moment I can remove the user completely by using the “delete a thing” action like below -

But that removes the user completely. What I want to do is just remove the users email from the “Employees” list on my team DB and preserve the user in the “USERs” table. Can anyone point me in the right direction as at the moment I just can’t make the connection between two DB’s. Thanks

You would want to make a change to the thing (team) you are attaching the users to. When you select that field (users), it will ask you to add, remove, set, and other things. You can remove that user.


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@ben4 - you’re a lifesaver! I knew I was doing something wrong and now that makes complete sense! Thanks :raised_hands:

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