Help with recurring payments

Hi Bubblers
I am using Stripe for my payments. I have set up a workflow for recurring payments but now find only some are working. I have two different workflows so suspect one is not working but not sure which it is. Can someone point me in the right direction of where I went wrong.

The first payment worked OK with either one of these two workflows depending on when their trial period has already ended or their trial period was still current

The scheduler showed the payments were to occur as expected so all good there.


On the subsequent recurring payment this is the workflow


My problem is some payments work but some do not work as the log shows the credit card information has not been provided. Stripe show CC information even on the ones that did not work


So I am guessing one of the original workflows is not saving the CC details. Which one though???

Any solutions or suggestions would be really appreciated

Note: I have chosen this method over subscriptions in Stripe due to wanting to make payment to another user at the same time for users who have been referred by other users which I could not do with Stripe Subscriptions