Is there a way to reschedule the same api workflow, right after finishing it?

Hello everyone. I am trying to setup a monthly recurring payment for my users. As of right now, what I have is- the user subscribes to a monthly plan → the updates takes place in the user account and an api workflow is scheduled. This workflow is triggered after 5, and it replenishes the credits available for the user. I have noticed this workflow works only once, and after making the change after 5 days, its gone. I was wondering if there is a way to reschedule the same api workflow after making the change.

I am using stripe for the payments. I was also wondering if there is a way to get a notification or something similar from stripe, which will tell me, if the user has been charged after 5 days, and i can update the user account based on that. Which will ultimately allow me to get rid of the above approach, and i can implement the same with database triggers.

Any suggestions, is super welcomed! Thanks in advance.

Yes, there is…

Just schedule it the same way you did initially.


You can set up a recurring workflows in Bubble. After your workflow runs, you can schedule it again for the next month. Just use the “Schedule API Workflow on a date” action again at the end of your workflow, setting the date to “Current date/time + 30 days”.

As for Stripe, you can use their webhooks to get notified about successful payments. You’d set up an API endpoint in Bubble to receive the webhook, then trigger a workflow when a payment succeeds. This way, you’re directly linking the credit replenishment to the payment event.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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