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Stripe and workflow : is it well setup to get auto renewal

Here is my workflow for Subscription with stripe for my service which is a 1 year renewal service

  • First I decided to NOT put the “user’s CC collect” step. I directly put “Subscription to a plan” step. I don’t want the user having to process to a payement in 2 times. Because in Europe for exemple It sends an authorization at 0 euros first and in a second time it charges the payment Card. Maybe this process could scare the user…

I understand that putting directly the “Subscription to a plan” step in the workflow charges the payment card directly.

  • My second question is in Stripe : by doing this way, will stripe charge the user payment card in one year automatically even if i didn’t collect the user CC info with bubble ?

There are a lot of different ways to connect with Stripe in Bubble and it looks like you are using the Bubble Plugin.

Likely the customer is being directed to a Stripe Hosted Checkout page and that is where they enter their credit card details.

I believe with the way the plugin works and Stripe generally is that the credit card details are saved by Stripe for use in future charges on the subscription to charge automatically, but I do think this can be altered to not collect it for future use.

If inside of your Stripe Dashboard on that particular Customer you do not see any credit card details stored, then I do not think it would be possible for them to be charged automatically.

Thanks for your feedback,

I see that in my First workflow setup ( where I collected CC info), Card Info seems to be stocked in Stripe

And in my new workflow, card info seems not being stocked in client file in Stripe. I would like to confirm this before re-configuring this another time :wink:

Whether the card info is saved or not depends on a setting.

What is the difference between the two workflows? Isolate the difference to understand what is the setting that enables the card to be saved or not.

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