Help with Responsive tables

So I am trying to create a group that has the functionality shown below! when the page gets smaller the group remains size but adds a scroll wheel to the bottom allowing the user to scroll over and see everything!

I Hope this makes sense of what I am trying to do! Go here Site used in the pictures! to see it for yourself!

So, basically like how Bubble does their pricing page (Pricing | Bubble) on mobile? I’ve been wondering the same and was trying to look at their meta app, but their pricing page wasn’t on there. @J805 is a master with responsive design, any ideas?

Yeah, that is an interesting idea. Bubble just uses horizontal scroll repeating groups to show their pricing.

I usually don’t recommend this type of UI since it really isn’t that nice on a phone, it is sort of an ‘out-dated’ design. I normally recommend my clients to redesign with mobile in mind. So instead of an excel type sheet I recommend using something that will look good on mobile and desktop. I would normally try to design something like this instead:

You should be able to do this on Bubble too. It just takes a bit of work with responsiveness.

These are some more updated web design ideas from

Those are just my ideas though.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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This looks awesome, but one of the other problems i guess i would have is, How would I create a database for all of this like it is a lot of information to input? But how Would i structure teams and players inside a database?

I think there are a few different ways for you to do this. I think in this situation, it really depends how you are going to use all the data. I can’t think of a better option at the moment. I think my brain is not on yet. Maybe need more coffee. :blush:But here it goes…

I have two ideas:

Option 1:


  • Name
  • List of Stats
    a. Type of Stat
    b. Stat Number

Option 2:


  • Name
  • Att
    -Att No.
    -Cmp No.
  • Etc…

I think both options have pros and cons.

I think my brain isn’t on either I guess :laughing: I forgot really how to do the data structure! So I have “Players” as Data type but what would I do for the field types like “Name” obviously

image I hope this makes sense I’m kinda new but I also think I’m just having a brain fart!

That looks right to me, maybe in the Stats Data Type you can add parentPlayer to attach that specific stat to the player, it might run easier on the server that way. But yeah, you are on the right track. :+1:

So by me just creating a data type of the players name and putting there personal stats it would slow the server down?

Potentially, if you have a lot of data attached to the Player and try to display it from there, it could potentially slow things down. If you aren’t going to have over 30 stats per player, you are probably alright.