Responsive engine

Hey guys,

Since I have NO support for the template that I BOGUHT and there is NO MANUAL for it and I quote " We assume that the template purchasers must be familiar with Bubble in order to be able to make changes. Almost any answers about how to do Bubble related things can be found on" I am asking here for some help.

I thought that I purchased a template to ease my work and cut the building time…
It’s easier to learn on something already built than to build from scratch.
And I overcome a lot of issues by now, but this one I can’t really get over it.
I have the responsive page of a listing, and I tried to remove the rating and add business hours there. It all went well on desktop and tablet, but on mobile is very different.
I tried with maximum width with rearrangement but every time I design something, in the responsive engine is totally different.
Could someone help please?
I will understand what’s the issue here and how it was fixed and apply it on the rest of the pages where I need to perform modifications.

Thanks in advance!

Can you share a link to your editor or at least some screenshots? It’s really hard to tell what the issue is without being able to see what you’re trying to do.

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sent a PM. I will post the solution. Not that comfortable of sharing the data inside the app with everybody.

Thank you so much @andrewgassen.
What he did is the following:

I moved the “business hours” header to be above the days
I grouped the days, hours, and icons into 3 different groups
I set the group centering to be “center” in the responsive tab

Thank you again!