Help with SeachBox Input

In my app users will be asked to search for a service they need help with.

If they click a certain service like “Painting” I would like to make it so that same service does not display in the search box input if they were to search it again? My data for the input is static

Does anyone know how to do this?


Is there a particular reason you’re using static options for the SearchBox (it makes things much more difficult)…?

If you were to use an option set it would be as simple as storing the services the user has previously clicked on, and removing those from the SearchBox dynamic options.

I can’t think of any way to do it with static choices (maybe someone else can suggest something), but for what it’s worth I’d simply switch to using an option set for your SearchBox choices.

What are you doing to save the fact that they searched for ‘painting’ previously and also, how far back would previously be?

Ok I agree. I will use option set. Thanks @adamhholmes

How would I set it up under dynamic data?

Ah… I forgot, SearchBoxes can only be used to search the database… you can’t use Option Sets with them…

So, you’ll either have to use a Datatype instead for your services, or use a different type of input element and stick with an Option Set.