Help with Sendgrid (api connector)

I’m very novice at API integration. I’m almost done integrating the SendGrid API with the API connector. I’m still having 2 problems and I’m struggling to find the solution :

Currently it looks like this

When I initialize the call, I have this error (but the email is still sent):

My second issue is when I add the batch ID field, I have an error message :

Thanks!! Any help will be really appreciated!

For the first issue, change the datatype of the API call from ‘JSON’ to ‘Empty’ (in the dropdown at the top right of the call in the API connector). Or you can check the ‘capture response headers’ box.

For the second issue, your JSON request is formatted incorrectly.


The batch_id needs to be a string, so the value needs to be inside quotations.

It should be "batch_id": "<batch_id>"

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Thank you very much ! You saved my day!

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