Problem with SendGrid API (Plugins & API Connector)

Hello everyone,

Anyone here manages to get the SendGrid API to work?

I tested these 2 plugins without success:

  • Copilot’s SendGrid
  • No code app’s SendGrid Campaign

So I went through the API Connector. There I do receive a 202 with a job_id but the user is not added to my list (see in the screenshot)

If anyone got this thing to work I would like some advice,


Hi @jeanbaptiste, yes I’ve been using Sendgrid with the API connector for a while with no issues - we haven’t experienced any problems adding contacts.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong with you setup, and the fact you’re getting a 202 response suggests there’s nothing wrong with the call itself.

Is it just the PUT /contacts call that’s not working? Are other API calls to Sendgrid working ok?

Is the contact ‘’ being added to your Sendgrid contacts at all (even if not in the desired list), or are they just not being added? Or does that contact already exist on your list?

Hello @adamhholmes ,

I finally made it works. I made a confusion between “email” and “alternate email”.

But now I got another problem. I can’t see my variables in the workflows :

My call :

I have another call like this for another API and it works well.

Do you know what is wrong with this ?!

You’ve set them all to ‘Private’ so you can’t access them in workflows.

You need to uncheck the ‘Private’ box so you can set the variables dynamically in your workflow actions.

It works fine now thanks ! :slight_smile:

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