Help with setting up an API Call


I am new to APIs and I am trying to set up an (Correos) API to calculate shipping cost on my app using the following documentation link .

I have setup the API as follows:

And it is giving me the following error message:

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks

JSon is not correct for at least tipo_do_frete. Remove ’ around integer
Also, I always recommend to have the content type header

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Thanks :slight_smile: I took your suggestion, unfortunately it still did not work. I’ll continue trying. Thanks again.

It may be useful for you to paste your JSON into a validator first, to see what it says. seems to do the trick.

Just paste your JSON in on the left, and click “Validate”. You can also clean it up to make it look prettier, so you don’t have to think about indenting it or having the same amount of spaces for each line, and so on.


Thanks @codeluggage and @Jici your suggestions were very helpful. I was eventually able to sort it. I had to also check “Queryst.” in the parameters. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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