Finally, Nested comments in Bubble

First of all, I love bubble. However one thing that i’ve never been able to do is have a fully fledged comment section in bubble, Now that still seems to be the case but i was make doing with just a comment section that you could only post a reply to without nesting.

This honestly annoyed me however i googled and found hyvor (This is not an ad)
i pasted the code in and wow… ive got a fully fledged comment section with nesting abilities.

However it’s not free, its $5 but it’s worth every cent.
I’ve added it to my site

If someone has a free alternative please paste below, but i thought id share this along.


I’m actually building something with comments and was able to nest multiple repeating groups together with no issue. Here is a screenshot.


Looks great! Care to share how?

I’m working on finishing up a project right now but i’ll try to document it soon. Its really just a repeating group inside of another repeating group. I can upload attachments as well. I have @mentioning and #hashtags as well. If you are mentioned in a comment you will get an alert. I may make it a plug in for a few bucks if there is interest.


Your database would basically have a data type called comments…in that there should be a data field that is of a type comments which will link one comment to another so that you can get the reply functionality

Your page will have a repeating group and inside of that repeating group you would place another repeating group. The main repeating group is do a search for comments. The nested repeating group has a datasource of do a search for comments with a constraint ‘comments = current cells comments’ which is how you can make sure the replies to the comment show up.

Then you got to figure out how you want to set up the add a reply…easiest way would be to place it inside the main repeating group just under the nested repeating group so that each comment has the reply feature


Any way you can copy hyvor talk’s setup into a test app?

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I’d buy it!

@dylan.b.anderson can I ask how you went about installing Hyvor into bubble?

Hi Glenn! Any updates on this? I’d love to use it myself. I’d buy it.