Help with updating a value from a dropdown to the database

Hi everyone,

I have two tables - components and suppliers.
A repeating group is pulling data from the component table.

The first three columns are from the components table and the last column (drop down) pulls data from supplier table (the component table has a link to the supplier table - see below)

I want the user to be able to change the supplier dropdown and then update the supplier in the component table.

I have created the following workflow to do this:

It works, but when I change the dropdown value and the workflow executes, every supplier with the same value in the repeating group changes.

Then the database updates then all the changed values.

I cannot figure out how to only change the supplier for the row I am working on.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


You may have to add :item # to the end of the “Current cell’s Component’s Supplier” in things to change.

Edit: updated operator.

Thank you - will give it a try and update you!

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I looked it up, it was a different operator I meant to put.

Also you then need to input current row at the end of it… it has been a minute since I did that but that may help.

Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs…-item

Thanks for the help, trying it now :+1:

Oh I took another look at this. I think I usually do this solution a different way. It may be possible to use auto-binding. It can work inside a Repeating group.

Takes a minute to get used to it but drop downs usually work pretty well with that approach.

I did try auto-binding (the other cells are using auto-binding).

The weird thing is the Field to Modify drop down does not include the suppliers field - just the first three fields. I think it is because the suppliers field is a link to another table?

Maybe you can change type of choices to Supplier.

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Thank you, you got it!
Changed to type of choices Supplier, played with the other options, and it worked.

I have been working on this all day, so thanks again.

This was the solution.

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