Autobinding a Dropdown Value in a Repeating Group

I have a repeating group that has a drop down that the user can select a value from an Option Set. I want that value selected to be autobound to column on a data table. Is that doable?

No field to modify is showing up. The parent group is called “categories” . I tried using the Option Set as the values in the categories table and that would not autobind either.

Can you autobind a dropdown to a column in a table in a repeating group?

Yep it’s doable…

If there’s no field showing up in the Field to Modify dropdown, that’s because the Parent Group’s thing doesn’t have a field of the dropdown type (Category Status)… so you can’t autobind it if there’s no field to autobind it to…

So be sure to add a field of type Category Status to the Thing in question.

Category Status is an Option Set - Eligible/Ineligible. I want the Drop Down source to be the Option Set but to bind it to a column called category_status but it’s not showing up. I could set the values in the categories thing for category_status from the Option Set. Maybe that will work?

Like Adam said, it’s not showing up because that field is a text field instead of being linked to the option set. If you delete that field and create a new one that has a field type of the option set, you will be able to auto-bind to the new field.

Your category_status field is a Text, so you can only autobind text values to that field (not option set values).

If you want to autobind an option set value, you’ll need to create a field that is of the Option set type.

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I had it in there before as the option set but set it as a List … #smh - I need a coffee! Thanks for your help @adamhholmes and @mikeloc - always helps to have another set of eyes!