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I included quite a bit in the subject line because it’s all related on my app…and if I get one aspect to work, the others stop working.

On my app Know Thy Drink, the live prototype is setup so you search for a cocktail recipe (currently only 5x in the database for proof of concept), that recipe then duplicates into a new recipe, and the user is able to edit that recipe as much as they want. You can try it out at

What I’m running into is a want a user to be able to just save the URL of the recipe, so they can go back to it, share it, etc, hence the desire for slugs. Know Thy Drink | Bubble Editor

Group Recipe is the main ‘group’ that I load recipes into:

I am trying to make it so when the search box is used, the recipe is found/chosen, and loads into the Group Recipe, as well as the Slug into the URL. I have gotten various successes from this, both with the slug and the unique ID. I then started experimenting with loading Group Recipe from the URL, using Get Path from URL to populate the search box:

Issues: Whenever I try to ‘read’ the slug to load data into a group, it will not work with Slug, only Unique ID. Is there any way around this? Additionally, even when I have gotten the search box’s results to load the unique ID into the URL, and populate the Group with the recipe, when I copy+paste that same URL it will not load the recipe, and instead reverts to the slug of whatever Unique ID I used, which won’t load anything.

Any help with what I’m missing here? Happy to provide additional details-


You should use page content type. Once you set that, Bubble automatically loads the data from the URL path to the page. Problem with it, is that you are every so annoyingly forced to send data and Bubble shows no signs of intending to make this optional, despite the fact it easily can be.

To get around that frustrating lack of feature, you can have a data field on user set to the type of thing your page is, and leave it empty, so that when you want to send the user with the page thing not set, you can put in the mandatory data to send input the current users empty thing. Then the editor will not flag an issue in the issue checker and you can deploy to live and do not need to send data to the page.

Then when you have a dropdown on the page and user selects something, set up workflow for when an inputs value is changed and use the navigation go to page and data to send would be the dropdowns value.


You should use page content type.

This was the trick! Thanks for the tip, the ‘slug’ now works just like I hoped :slight_smile:

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