How can I "get this data from my page URL"?

Hello, I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to get the “Cu5r5dQno” from my page URL into a text box. I think it is with the command “Get data from page URL” but what goes next?

This is my link:

Thanks for any help!

Need to use the path

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I would suggest playing around with the 3 different options as knowing more about how they work and how to extract data from the database using them really opens up a lot more power and control.

When I first needed to understand them I created a page with buttons and workflows to send data to the URL with parameters as well as linking to the page with path and path as a list. This has helped me a lot with my multi step forms, search pages and profile edit pages.


How can create a page that shows data linked to the url name, like an instagram profile?

You can either use the slug feature to create URLs like where page Profile will have a user type. You simply need to set a slug and Bubble will replace the unique id with slug in the URL.

If however you cannot set the page type, create a 1x1 group and assign a type of content to the group. Put the data source of the group as Get data from URL.

Then use this group to call data reference data in the rest of the page.


how I put the slug=name like cloning the register form?

Slug action is Set a slug in data actions

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