User friendly URLs

Maybe there is already a way to do this but it would be great if:

When a page is created on the database side we can add a user friendly name to use as the URL. perhaps as a dynamic field i.e use page title.

At the moment URL’s for pages created in the database look like this:

it would be great it if was like this:

I know there is an option for readable field but this just adds it to the long id number:

rather than:



You can use the “Get Path” function on a page to read in the path and then do a search for the relevant data.

That will do what you want.

Thank you!

But I’m a bit lost here, could you explain the "Get Path” function, sorry if im missing something

So in your example …


the page name is “story”.

how-to-ride-a-bike is the “path”

So you can extract the path …



And use that to search for your story …

For example…

Will search for how-to-ride-a-bike and return the story. 


Hi, I am encountering this problem with my site, even though I use the standard navigation method (Workflow- When button is click_ go to page)… I’ve read this whole thread, but I can’t figure out how how I can let this ID-number disappear when jumping from one page to another.


Is there a way i can make the slug the following way.

instead of having

have it as

Yes, I do it as the following:, it goes to /404, then “on page load” do trigger "when condition is true [i.e. extract form URL is “how-to-ride-a-bike” form URL], do… ", and here you can do “display data” or trigger whatever you please.

Maybe try using “Extract path from URL”… I never user it, I do extraction via “Find & Replace”.

Let me know how it goes.

One negative thing is that this way Goodle won’t know about the existence of your page with URL of “”.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll give it a try

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