Help with using a list of yes/no answers as conditional


I can’t seem to work something out. I have a data type called BuyerProfiles, this can be any number up to 4 and represent the number of buyers in a particular case (the case is like a project really). A part of what I need to happen is the user to verify all of the BuyerProfiles attached to their case - I have set up this form which requires two types of ID selection and upload per person (or BuyerProfile), once this is done there is a workflow that changes a yes/no field within BuyerProfile to say that BuyerProfile is verified.

What I am struggling with is then using this verified field as a conditional - once all the BuyerProfiles are verified I want to show a particular group but when I use the conditional below it counts all of the BuyerProfiles rather than just the ones that are verified = yes, so for example if there are two BuyerProfiles and only one is verified = yes this is still equating to 2 .

The repeating group part is just a way for me to reference the number of BuyerProfiles associated with the case.

Any steer on where I am going wrong would be much appreciated.


Welcome to the forum @andy19.

If you want to count ‘yes’ in a yes/no field, filter the list with Constraint: This yes / no is “yes” and then apply the :count.

Take a look at the screenshot:

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Thank you very much @jmalmeida for both the welcome and solving my problem! I wasn’t using the list filter properly, much appreciated!