[Solved] Repeating group conditional

I have a repeating group of notices, which I only want to show if the writer of the notice is marked attending, which is a yes / no in the database.

I have tried putting a conditional into the repeating group, but it is complaining that
states must evaluate to “yes” or “no”, but this is a list of yes / no.

How do I get it to evaluate to a “yes” or “no”? Or is that wrong also and I should be trying to do something else??


Hi there, @StandUp… if I understand your post correctly, I believe you will need to use an advanced filter on the repeating group’s data source, and that filter would look something like this.

If you haven’t used advanced filters before, be aware that the filtering takes place on the client (browser) side. So, the search is going to return all of the relevant items to the client, and then the filter will be applied. Just something to keep in mind from a performance perspective.

Also, the Advanced operator can be a bit tricky to find… it’s all the way at the bottom of the dropdown when you add a constraint to the filter.

Hope this helps.


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That did it!

How do I learn about these different conditionals? This aspect is definitely the most complicated, and the most difficult to understand why something works vs not. Is there a set of instructions or a primer or something?

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Some of it is experience and some of it is good ol’ trial and error. As you probably know, the forum is a great resource, so search the heck out of it (and do Google searches with bubble.io at the beginning of the search). Finally, dive deep into pages like this one in the Bubble manual (and use the buttons at the bottom of the page to keep reading).


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