Help withcharging a user

Stripe error: You may only specify one of these parameters: customer, customer_creation.

this error pops up everytime i try to charge a user

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What are you doing to charge a user? (i.e. are you using a plugin, if so which one and which action, or your own API calls?)

This is the work flow everything was working fine at first this just started today and I have a backend workflow called payout

Is it a plugin?

The charge the user is from stripe bubble plugin

API workflows are currently broken

Throwing my hat in the ring here. I also had this Stripe error show up for the first time today. @bubble this would seem to be an issue with the Bubble Stripe plugin? Mission critical failure, I’m afraid. Has it been diagnosed and/or addressed?

Do you think this could have been the root of the specific Stripe error outlined above? Some of my users were also affected by this exact same error. Not able to reproduce it now, so wondering if it was resolved with the larger issue?

I’m fairly certain this was the cause (though I don’t work for Bubble so can’t be certain). I saw on the status notification that this has been resolved, and any backend wf’s were restarted they just needed to catch up on the scheduled tasks.

We had backend wf’s that were just stuck during this time and timeout issues. All good from my end now though.

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For the love of this forum (and for the sake of Earth by minimising data/computing usage), please learn how to make screenshots (tutorial here).

Quality posts have higher odds to get quality answers :slight_smile:

Yes, I received a reply from Bubble Support indicating that this was the root cause of the issues addressed on this thread.

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