Ran into a temporary bug - charge current user

Hey everyone,

I’ve a problem with my app and the Stripe plugin created by Bubble.
I have created dozen apps with Stripe and I know how to use it.

Right now, each time I try to charge the current user with the workflow i have an error : We ran into a temporary bug…

I’ve double ckecked my API keys, V3 of stripe…
In my WF I’ve filled everything…

Anyone has a clue of what is happening?

If you right click Inspect and then open the developer tools console, what error message do you see (if any?). In my experience these are normally Bubble bugs rather than user error but sharing the error message can help us debug the issue for you.

hello @georgecollier sorry my late answer.

Here is the screenshot of the error

I’ve just tried with the V2 of Stripe and it works well