Helping bubble startups get early adopters ( )

Hi everyone! I’m currently working on a project called Crowdte. I believe this is quite a unique project I’m interested to build with bubble!

I am building a platform for early adopters to match with startups. The idea is to have crowd of cool people there!! Startups & Entrepreneur can showcase their MVP, bringing the first batch users which has a level of similarity with product hunt. There is two unique things about our platform though!

  1. You could reward users with Crowdte coins for helping you with your project. Crowdte coins could be used to purchase deals and discount in our marketplace such as shoes, etc. This means that you could have more interviews, testing etc (e.g asking them to do to help you with your product for phase of 1 week, every 6pm) because the coins is like a form of payment to the users. Sure you could ask why can’t I just pay them? Well because it looks funny if you give a user $10 dollar to help you for 1 week?

I believe this should be a good way to create relationship with users. Coins could be traded in our online shop for discounts on watches, shoes, etc we have with our suppliers and even be sent to their friends.

  1. You could network with other entrepreneur, startups, investors. I’m thinking about implementing a linkedin like social network in the platform so startups could network there.

All in all, the service is free to use for it’s basic functionality while there will be subscription for more services like management tools to work with focus group.

I have not developed the platform, but I just finished the landing page. I was actually working on another startup project when I got this idea since I found that it’s hard to get get a group of beta users to test your product for a while. I mean you could post your projects in product hunt, they will comment on your project maybe help you for a while but they can’t give you more time to work with your beta products since they may be swayed to another project or simply loose interest (which means you can’t ask them how to improve the product).

Since there are a lot of great people in Bubble who are starting their own startup, I would like to work with all of you and it would be great if you could sign up in the beta list.

The website is called

Please tell me if you have any suggestions, etc to the pricing models too : )

I signed up for the beta this is something I could use