Looking for BETA testers for a mini-project I’ve been working on – Accountle.com

Hello all. As a Customer Success Manager (in the tech industry) and a newbie to Bubble, I took it upon myself to build something that will prove valuable to those in the same field as me. As such, like many of you I’m sure, I watched the videos, read the documentation, got extremely excited and decided to jump into my first site written completely without code!

The site, Accountle.com, is a simple tool/utility for Customer Success Managers (also sometimes called Account Managers) that helps them tie their customers purchases through to their day to day interactions with said customer. I’ve put up a simple About Us page to dive into the why, how and what of the site.

I still need to work on polishing up the themes/look, responsiveness, braintree integration and reports but wanted to get it out there to get some initial thoughts from those interested in providing constructive feedback.

Let me know if you’re interested in giving Accountle a whirl.



Hello Bubblers. :grinning:

We’ve refreshed Accountle.com to make it more user friendly and intuitive. Accountle.com is an organizational tool for Customer Success/Relationship Managers. It helps them better manage how they make their customers get the most of their products/services. It takes into account purchases, root problems/goals, success metrics and day to day interactions to help CSM’s and RM’s focus their efforts on truly making their customers happy. Check it out at www.accountle.com where you can manage up to 5 accounts at no charge. Special thanks to Gaby at CoachingBubble (@romanmg) for her help on the refresh, the Bubble team for their quick/helpful support and this community for your insight and willingness to share best practices/ideas.



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