Hey Bubblers! Some help with Google Analytics please?


So as I am running a campaign for my website there are 2 things that are very important to track for me.

  1. Outbound clicks
    This will help me understand how many users were engaged with the content enough and which content is more successful.

  2. How far users scroll.

Since my website is infinite scroll I want to track how far a user went to really understand if that certain campaign is working or not.

GA right now shows only 0:00 because since most of the stuff is available on page 1 they don’t goto second page, and without clicking on to second page currently GA assumes 100% bounce rate and 0:00 average time.

Any ideas on how to do this?

I tried it the event way but I couldn’t even get the event tracking working for now.


Just an idea, you can use the height position of the page base on the actual display (OS or phone)? Plugin to detect iOS? Scroll position. Determined the height of the screen, each time reaching the next page, you start a workflow on condition ‘Do when condition is true’ when height is > x / height size, and execute any thing you need to track. Make sense or something like that?

If you haven’t already, you may want to take a look at Hotjar. You can see heat maps of clicks, mouse movement, scrolling, etc. You can also get actual videos of visitors (mouse movement, text input, etc). Very useful for tracking user behavior - even with their free tier.

Yes, My plan is to fire off the event when certain pixels are scrolled… The problem is I am not able to setup the events as it is showing incorrect data.

So I am looking for a guide on how to do that.

I looked into it, but it won’t be able to compare the traffic source only what the user are doing on the page. I want to compare

If 10 visitors come from one campaign and 2 of those scroll longer and other 2 click outgoing link then it should all be available in one place.

You know the height of each RG, you know the index of each RB displayed? I’m sure @jarrad will have a better idea. And yes, HotJar sound good.

Yeah, but with Hotjar or mixpanel I can’t track where the users came from or from which campaign.

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