Hotjar - affordable all-in-one feedback and analytics

I found this Hotjar service very interesting. It has a free plan, and these features:

  • Heatmaps
  • Recordings
  • Conversion funnels
  • Form analysis
  • Feedback polls
  • Surveys
  • Recruit user testers

Even if you won’t use it I find this article, Action Plan, very useful to understand what brings traffic to your app, and what the barriers to make people in or drive people out.

Hotjar has a integration with Optimizely, and as I know no API.


@csfalcao were you able to get this to work on one of your apps? I ctrl-c/v’d the text provided by Hotjar into the header scripts/metatags section on Bubble with no luck.

It took some hours but it worked.

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Well done

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I just wasn’t patient enough. Mine is working as well. Really cool product.

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it’s a javascript that is provided by HotJar. How did you guys end up adding it to bubble? @strang22 @csfalcao

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In the editor, navigate to the settings tab and the SEO & Metatags tab within that. Paste the HJ script into the header section.


worked like a charm. Thanks @strang22


Can you make it so this does not fire on DEV?


It seems HotJar could get pricey if look at the non-personal plans. Has anyone tried another heat map alternative software which works well with bubble ?

Full Story works fine, but there’s a big gap between the free tier and the start of the paid tiers. These software packages are expensive any way you slice it!

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Do you guys know if this can also track groups? I have an mobile app with one “index page” and groups that are shown off certain actions to make it feel more like a native app.

I curious how to implement manual triggering of page changes to overcome the SPA problem of tracking page change. Hotjar have said its simple but not sure at which level I need to insert this;

Much appreciated.

Hotjar Settings for URL Changes