Any guide on adding google analytics for complete information rather then just which page users are on? or just general how to?

I m using google analytics plugin but it is giving general idea, I want to see how many users clicked on links or filters and stuff. Any idea on how to do that?


P.S Clicky is a lot better then google, if anyone knows how to integrate that also would be great.

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You can either use the API connector to send events to GA, or use the Mixpanel plugin to do the same thing.

Hey Nigel,

Any tutorial on how to setup the api connector with GA? I am not that great when it comes to api.

I can write it up if that helps, as I have just done one.

It would be helpful @NigelG ,

I have setup both mixpanel and GA, these are the issues maybe u can solve them as that would be easier.

Mixpanel: Can’t track outbound links opening on a new page, and can’t track which ad campaign visitors are coming from to judge the quality of campaign. Also it doesn’t track overall traffic just the events… Any way to compare the events with overall traffic?
Edit: Apparently mixpanel can detect UTM sources.

GA: It is showing 2 visitors when tracking event clicks, and overall kind of a mess. Used whatever screenshots were provided here.


First you need to get your tracking code, this is in the first panel in Google Analytics and will start “UA-”.


The add the “API Connector” Plugin.

And add a call to POST to


You can set it up as parameters, but it is easier to put it all in the body … as you can use the hit builder …


v=1 is the version
t = the hit type and can be pageview or event etc
cid = an annoymous client id
ec = category
ea = action
el = label
ev = value (this needs to be numeric if you are using it)


I’m a bit stuck in the same place. Do you guys know how to pull out the CID value dynamically from analytics (so i could determine the quality of different marketing channels by evaluating their users in terms of clicks(events) generated)?

Many thanks,


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