Hey! Sign-up approval question

Is there any way for the system to sign up the user only after approval by the owner?
-User sign up
-gets approved by the app owner
-get notified in the email
-able to log into the app.

thank you!!

Yes! Create a approved field in your user type with a boolean values (i.e. yes/no type).

Hey. Can you explain more? I meant for the user to not be able to finish the sign-up process without me approving him. after my approvment his account is created and he will be able to log-in.

Not really possible, but you can create a user, give it a field of approved, value yes/no. If the user is denied delete the account, if the user is approved change the value to yes.

Another way to do this would be not to sign up the user at all.

The applicant clicks an “apply” button that creates an “application” in the database. Prior to applying that applicant entered info about themselves, including an email address that you can use to email them once you approve them. In that email you send them a link to a page where all they have to do is enter a password and THERE is where you actually sign them up to your app.

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Thats a great idea! Thanks man.

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