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Sign-up Verification and Approval via Email

Dear community,

I would like to sign up users but not have them automatically logged in. Bascically the following:

  1. User sign’s up
  2. When signed up, user is not logged in
  3. Email is issued to me to confirm the sign-up
  4. User gets redirected to login page, but will only be able to login in once the signup is validated or confirmed by me

Appreciate your help with establishing above process.



Create a field for user datatype something like:
Approved yes/no
Initially “no”
Workflow like:
Sign user up (without login in)
Send an email to your inbox with user’s email or something
Redirect to login page

Then you can create a page where you will define yes/no for the users or do it manually in DB.

Hi Sat,

Thanks a lot. That did the job :wink:



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