Hi all, I'm building a hotel booking app

Is there any chance I can integrate the booking engine?

And further down the line would I have issues with integrating hotel supply via API?

Thank you!

You can do anything with Bubble with the right approach. Which booking engine are you referring to? There should not be issues with integrating hotel supply via API.

Thank you so much for your respond!

We are currently looking at https://www.bookwize.com/ , but to be honest it doesnt really matter as long as its a quality booking engine for us.

What the best approach would be to find the expert in a bubble and what hourly rate do you think is appropriate to pay?
Can I upload a bubble app to both ios and android store?

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A bubble app is a web app, not made for Android or iOS. What you can do is either design a 100% responsive web app that works on mobile and use a web view app (a wrapper for a web page) or create a native mobile app.

It should be said that making a bubble application 100% pixel perfect for all devices is a ton of work.

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Have you heard about eZee Reservation API?