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Hidden Repeating Group to CSV Plugin?

I’m either over complicating my solution or maybe just don’t understand the platform architecture well enough. But I’m simply pulling in JSON data and that I would show on a chart. At the same time I’m putting it into a repeating group so my thought was…hey, why don’t I just make it a hidden repeating group and then do export to CSV button since I don’t want to clutter the page with all that line item level data? It seems like every RG to CSV download plugin though (even the $7 I wasted on Zeroqode’s version) doesn’t work unless the RG is visible though?

Am I missing something, anyone have a better solution maybe? I suppose I can use the native download to CSV to the API call but it doesn’t have any formatting options.

Hey @jon5 , here’s how I managed it because I faced the same problem.

I used the “Download CSV from Repeating Group” plugin

First create a state on the page, to store the data you want export. Fill ut on page load.

Create a popup, white background color

Add in it a “Repeating Group to CSV” element.

Put in the popup a RG with text cells to use for csv. Make it Full list., 1 row 1 column. Text elements can be short, no matter if the text is displayed fully or not. Data source is the state previously created.

Put this RG in another RG, vertical scrolling, 1 row 1 column, same data source. With this trick, you’ll not have the popup height growing with the numerous lines of first RG.

Both RG should have no style (no border, no background, and text elements in the first RG have to have white font.

Then choose a nice icon to click on it and :


I added a spinner (loader gif) in the popup for the user to see something in the popup and got to know something 's happening.

Not 100% sure whether I got your question right, but I wrote a tutorial how to download data from a repeating group to CSV without any plug-ins.

Ping me if you need more help.