Postmark email to two users with reply option

Using Rich Postmark Email plugin and having trouble to send email to a recipient and sender the same email which is archivable, but then when recipient want to reply it replies to the sender, but when sender clicks the button on the email provider to reply, it sets the reply to the sender itself.



How to send the same email to both recipient and the sender, but for both now recipients of the email to be able to reply to each other with the reply button on the email service provider?


Hey @another :wave:

Why can’t you send two emails?
One from User1 to User2 and other from User2 to User1.

In the end, the result will be the same…

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Hi @rpetribu :upside_down_face:

Could you share how you will distribute dynamic emails on the “Send to”, “Reply to”, CC and Bcc if necessary :smiley:

I have tried many ways, and always one piece is missing, one of the users when clicks on the reply button on the email service provider, it replies to user own address, while other user when “reply” button is clicked, the email service provider sets up to reply to another user which is logic and natural to be.

If you add in the Postmark plugin, Reply to: User1 email, User2 will be able to reply, but if User1 clicks, it will reply to oneself.

I’ve tried to set both emails to the Reply to, User1 email and User2 email, and the same thing happen, for User2 is good, for User1 it doesn’t work, and User1 needs to manually add User2 email in the email service provider reply to.

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The BC field is not a problem, as the replies are not send to them. So you can add BC recipients only in the first e-mail (User1 to User2).

I didn’t know you will need to use the CC field and this is the challenge with the solution provided . Because they should receive the answers from both messages and, for this reason, they need to be in both emails as CC (what doesn’t make sense as they will receive two identical messages in the first place).

I don’t think you will be able to do what you want. At least with this method.

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Yes, I bcc and even cc doesn’t need to be used here, it only creates more mess.

They doesn’t need to receive answers from both, but rather to be same as if I would send you an email through this Bubble forum to you, and you get the email, with my email in it to reply to, so that we continue conversation on the email, but also as I send you the email message through the bubble, for me to get the copy of it, and even if I want to add something before your reply, to click “reply” in the email and reply to you.

Hope this helps you and others perhaps see more of what we are trying to archive here.


I think the best way to do this “two-ways” communication between your users, via email, is using a tool like ZenDesk. Or create your own, with Bubble :sweat_smile:

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Ah, it’s not necessary. Postmark already does a great work! Just needs to be figured out how to make UX better once the email is sent, and both users can reply to reach other, although in 99.9% cases the sender will not reply once the email is sent, which is current set up that we have, but just want to be sure to cover this 0.01% as well :smiley:

Maybe someone else from the Bubble community to bring more logic here? :smiley:

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