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Sendgrid reply to?

hey all!
i have just set up Sendgrid and i can send emails by bubble workflow and it sent from [email protected]
i left everything blank exept the subject to make it all from sendgrid and it delivered fine.
now my question is if i leave (reply to email) blank it makes it reply to [email protected]
and i thought sendgrid has mailbox but apparently it doesnt.
thank you

Correct. If you don’t specify a reply-to email address, the default reply-to email address will be the one from which the email was sent in the first place.

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Yeah but thing is. How should I get emails from my clients.
If I put reply to email like ([email protected])
This will make no point of having ([email protected])
Because simply the client still can see my personal email address when they replying.
I hope you understand what i mean.

Sorry guys just found out that I could do alias address and forward it to my personal email on googl cloud .
Thank you

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