Hide group focus on scroll

I have a group focus that is shown when a user clicks on an element in the header. I want to hide this focus group when a user scrolls the page a little. There was another issue like this but it never got a response and got closed so I’m making another one.

I’m not sure if this would work but could you try:

  1. Create a custom state for your page like current_scroll_position, of type number of course.
  2. When the element is clicked to show the group focus, include a step as well to save current user’s scroll position. So here you’re keeping track off what scroll position the user is at when they clicked the element.
  3. Separately add another workflow “Do when condition is true…” the condition being, when current user’s scroll position is not current page’s current_scroll_position (the custom state created in step 1). The step for this workflow would be, hide group focus.
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Thanks for the reply! Sadly, this doesn’t seem to work, though I believe the solution is something close to this. I’ll keep testing.

It’s too extra steps just for one element. Simply, you can set something"Do when Focus group not hovered"

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There are some plugins that can detect scroll. For example: Page Scroll Event Plugin | Bubble
I didn’t use it, but it seems to be a good fit to your case. You need to hide your group focus when scroll event occurs.

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