Toggle or Show/Hide Elements on another page?

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I am wondering if anyone knows how to (or if it even possible) to toggle or show/hide elements on another page within the app, seeing as elements on one page do not seem to be available for selection in a workflow.

I want to use the Maintenance plugin, and I can set an Admin icon to toggle on and off on the page I want, but once I have toggled it on, the icon is obviously no longer available.

Any assistance / ideas / workarounds on this would be greatly appreciated.

I created a thing with Yes/No and changed it with a button push on one page, which reflected in the other page.

Not sure if this is the best way of doing it, but it works fine.

Another way is to pass a value in the URL when going to the next page and read that value on page load. You can then show/hide the elements based on the value.

I didn’t want to navigate to the page - rather just show/hide something on another page. My solution seems to be working.

Oh I see. I misunderstood. In that case yes, I think a database update is probably the only way to do this.

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