Hide / Show RG scrollbar when condition is true?

Is it possible to hide a repeating group’s scrollbar if, for example, list:count < 4 and show it if list:count > 4?

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport was wondering whether this plugin achieves my query? Basically I need the scrollbar to show when necessary (on windows) Custom Scrollbar - New Plugin from Zeroqode

add html element
Add conditional to html

When repeating group lst :count is 0

#repeating_group_id{ overflow-y:hidden !important; }

let me know if it worked.


Thank you for your suggestion @duke.severn, however, I presume this only hides the scrollbar when no data is rendered? My objective is to show the scrollbar when it needs to be scrolled and hide when it doesn’t.

sorry i meant when count <4. It hides the scrollbar yes.

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Thanks I’ll give this a try!

yes that should be possible, we have a workflow action to hide the scroll bar, so if you configure a workflow with a condition based on the RG list count it might do the trick.
Best is to give it a try by subscribing to the plugin (you’ll only pay for the actual number of days you used the plugin)
hope this helps

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