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Hide Side Bar feature

Does anyone know how to make this work, if its even possible on bubble. I’m building an app with search results and trying to put the advanced search features on the left side of the results (repeating group) but I would like to be able to hide the advanced search items and then have the repeating group center itself on the page when they are hidden. Does that make sense? Here is a diagram

Use conditional options to set the left group to visible false when a condition is true

Yea I know how to get the left group to hide, but when it is hidden is there a way to recenter or stretch the repeating group to take up the screen where the left group was?

You could have another repeating group with the same information that shows when this the left group is hidden.

Are you hiding a floating group?

Haven’t tried that yet. I can try and see what happens

Tried with all the different groups. They just either go to the far left of the screen, or show on top of the repeating element.

One workaround is to place a group around the repeating group, and put a solid, transparent left border (width: ~300) that is visible only when the sidebar group is visible. That sort of acts as padding and will ‘move’ the repeating group back and forth. Here’s a forum example:



That could definitely work, but how are you putting a group around the repeating group and hiding it, without it hiding the repeating group

My mistake - my original post sounded confusing. The group holding the rg is always visible; the only thing that changes is the width of the group’s left border. The border is never hidden - it just changes from width:0 to width: 300 based on whether the sidebar is visible. By default the left border is 0, and then when the sidebar is visible: the left border width is 300. This is the conditional statement you would need on the group containing the repeating group:

Not sure you can get a clean result.

With no left group, the right border is fine :

But with the inner padding when the left group is visible, the repeating group get out of the group :

Or does someone know how to fix it ? a left menu is a commun use case.

Aww yes that makes sense now, I’ll play with that and see what I can do. Thanks!

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If your repeating group needs a grey border, then I would place the rg, group (with grey border) within a container group that has only the left ‘invisible’ border. It isn’t very clean but that would keep the rg within the border group at all times. Or, you could add the border to the rg itself.



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thks @fayewatson, but still not convince by the trick. Can’t use something that may bring stuffs outside of the page, it’s too critical.

Actually, what we would need is a real snew slide menu plugin :slight_smile:

would be awesome if we could something clean like this :slight_smile: