Showing a submenu

I currently have a sidebar menu that is utilziing two repeating groups. The main tabs are in the first group and the submenu is in the second.

I am struggling on getting the proper logic to display the submenu only when the main menu tabs are clicked.

First, I tried to set conditionals in both the main tabs and submenu tabs so that when the menu item is pressed it would display the data. This has not worked, so I tried to create a workflow to display the list (see image below):

However, this is not working either. If anyone can provide insight this would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link to my application if it helps:

You need to group the text and sub repeating group into a group and make it Group Tab, check the box for height to collapse when hidden. Then give group tab a custom state called hide/show that is a yes no with the default depending on whether you want it to hide or show by default. When group tab is clicked, set the state of hide show to the opposite of what it is so it can be toggled. Then put the sub repeating group in a group of its own called group sub and check the box to collapse height when hidden. Add two conditionals to this group. #1 when group tabs hide/show is yes this element is not visible and #2 when group tabs hide/show is no this element is visible.

I have an example of the same thing but you need to add a movie genre and then you can add movies to that genre. clicking on the genre name itself will either hide or show the movies within. Try it out.

Here is an example:

Here is the editor:

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