Hide the item from the Repeating Group if the event of the Repeating Group's date < Current date


I have a Repeating group of Events. Here some Events occurs on a specific dates or some occurs on the Multiple dates.

Currently I am sorting the Events on the basis of Event’s time of occurrence. In the case of Specific date the sorting is working fine. But in the case of Multiple date, I am having problem in sorting. If any Event have multiple date and the value of the date is less than Current Date, this date should be remove from the sorting method. And sorting should apply from the Date which is equal or greater than the Current date time.

For example, If I have 3 events in the table. And today is 22/06/18

  1. Event A (28/06, 29/06)
  2. Event B (20/06, 25/06, 22/06)
  3. Event C (23/06)

In this case, as per my expectations,

  1. Event B should be in the top as today is 22/06 and 20/06 has passed.
  2. Event C should be in the second position.
  3. And Event A should be in the third position.

I tried most of the things as per my knowledge in Bubble. And what I found that, I can use scheduler, which will remove the passed date from the array every day. What do you think guys?

Any help will be appreciable.

Hi @aditya.rajak - is this different question than the other thread we have? Or are you asking how to actually delete the events with old dates from the database?

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