Sort descending by date of repeating group using :grouped by

Hey Bubblers!

I’m now working on my app and I’m stuck at trying to sort a repeating group that uses "Search for thing:grouped by Date. The problem I have is that the repeating group will list the groups (in my case the groups are Days) in an ascending order. I want the user to see the Days in a descending order so they see the current date and then under the past days in a descending order. I tried a lot of things but I didn’t manage to find a solution to this.

Sorting the Search of thing by Date descending doesn’t solve this either because it will pick the starting date I provided at the :grouped by Date function. This causes only the current date to be visible.

I’d appreciate if anyone could help me out with this one. It seems like it needs to have a simple solution but I just can’t find it. Thank you!

Can anyone help me?

I eventually got the solution from the Bubble support team. Here’s what Michael from Bubble said: After testing around on my end, I think a possible workaround would be to add a filter to the repeating group to place a separate sorting order on top of the Group by. Here is what my test looks like and the output:

I hope this helps someone in the future! Thank you Bubble support!

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